Fish in Ginza

Now through the end of this month (July 2011), there is a large saltwater aquarium set up on a Ginza streetcorner in front of the Sony building.

It has been drawing crowds, which of course is its purpose. Sony hopes that passersby, once their attention is caught by the sharks and a giant moray eel, will step inside to see more fish – and not incidentally peruse some of Sony’s latest products.

There is a tank filled with exotic starfish and other invertebrates in the lobby, and once you’ve come that far, you may as well have a look around at their 3-D video wares, most of which are currently displaying images of Okinawa sea life.

Sony’s 3-D TV sceens display images with more impressive depth than I have seen in 3-D movies in theaters in recent years (including the last Harry Potter film just this weekend), but what really caught my eye was a home video camera with a built-in Steadicam-like feature. It and an ordinary camera, both pointed toward visitors entering the display area, are attached to a gyrating platform, with TV monitors on either side to show the results. On one screen, you see a blurry image of yourself whirling wildly about, while on the other screen you see a much clearer image of yourself (jiggling slightly).

While I’m sure that would come in handy, I’m satisfied for now with my current camera – made not by Sony but by Canon – which I used to shoot the video at the top of this post.

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4 Responses to “Fish in Ginza”

  1. Locohama Says:

    Thanks for the info. Might have to go check this out. Nice video, and background tune. Where’s the music from?

  2. tokyotombaker Says:

    I’m glad you liked it. The music is “Clarinet Enigma” by John Dankworth. I found it on YouTube’s video editing feature, which includes hundreds (or thousands?) of music clips to which they apparently have the rights, and that you can add to a video you’ve shot. I wanted something that would match both the mood and the length (1:12 minutes) of the footage I had. When I went to the listings under the genre “acousitc,” this 1:11 minute piece was only the second one I listened to, but it sounded just right.

  3. Locohama Says:

    …and indeed it is just right. How serendipitous! Every time I go through the Youtube tunes I opt for silence. But it has been a long time since I’ve tried. and this Clarinet Enigma is sweet. Thanks for the response

  4. Bill Hark Says:

    That’s very cool. I really like the variety of shapes and colors of the chosen fish. It is very artistic.

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