Cephalopod surprise

Having arrived in Kyoto today for this weekend’s Japan Writers Conference, I spent an the afternoon wandering around town, with a particular focus on the always enjoyable Nishiki Market. I treated myself to various goodies, including this boiled octopus on a stick. If you think this looks good simply as an octopus, wait till you see what happens when you bite into its head…

There’s a boiled quail egg inside!

This is every bit as delicious as it looks.

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3 Responses to “Cephalopod surprise”

  1. Camemberu.com Says:

    That is freakily amazing! How do they do it??

  2. Nishiki Market and Ishin-no-Michi | Yuki Clothing Says:

    […] In the afternoon we also paid a visit to the Nishiki food market in the more central part of Kyoto. There where “no photo” signs pretty much all over the street so I couldn’t take many pictures 😦 There were all kinds of food there. Fish, vegetable, tofu, tea, mochi sweets and also weird things I’ve never ever seen before (and don’t expect to in the future either). The weirdest thing must’ve been the tiny octopus with a cooked quail egg inside it’s head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures of it but luckily, someone else did! […]

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