Work-life balance

work life balance

Last night I passed a shuttered restaurant with the above sign posted out front. It reads: “I am extremely sorry but today we are temporarily closed to go watch fireworks. [signed] The proprietor.”

This is the exact equivalent of the classic American “Gone fishing” sign – which is something I have never seen in real life.

The establishment is called Sora Dining. It’s a tiny little bar and eatery that appears to have no website, but it is easy to find just half a block north of Kawaguchi Motogou subway station.

I ate there once a long time ago and always meant to go back. Now I’ll really have to make a point of it.

Footnote: In romaji, the sign reads: “Moshiwake gozaimasen ga honjitsu, hanabi no tame rinji kyuugyou shimasu. Tenshu.”

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